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REIM Group 27th Newsletter

Published 19.03.2013 at 15:40 (edited 19.03.2013 kello 15:56)

Dear Receiver,

REIM Group has issued its 27th Newsletter and it, among other things, tells about the move of all the companies of REIM Group operating in Lappeenranta to a historical building to the city center. These companies include REIM Group headquarters, REIM Real Estate Oy (brokerage), REIM Lappeenranta Oy (housing management) and Tilikarelia Oy (accounting office). Along with this, we introduce our new CEOs of REIM Mikkeli Oy and Tilikarelia Oy. Also we introduce our professionals working in the parent company. At the end of our Newsletter there is a brochure on the restaurant and wine cellars of Wolkoff. These places shouldn't be passed by in Lappeenranta.
Wishing You good reading moments,

Jari Vahviala
Sales and Marketing Manager
REIM Group Oy Ltd


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