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Tilikarelia Oy integrates its activity with REIM Group

Published 20.08.2012 at 15:22 (edited 20.08.2012 kello 15:22)

Theres was a change of generations in Tilikarelia Oy when the main owner of the company Pekka Multanen sold his shares of the company to his son Timo Multanen.

In the same occasion the board of the company has changed. Now the board consists of Liisa Kemppainen, Timo Multanen, Saija Toivonen and Jari Vahviala.

Timo Multanen was chosen to be the chairman of the board. Liisa Kemppainen continues being the chief executive of the company.

The change of the owner has no straight consequences on the personnel and the clients. The new chairman of the board Timo Multanen says that Tilikarelia has long-term and laudable traditions, telling that his father Pekka Multanen founded the company Tili- ja isännöitsijätoimisto Pekka Multanen & kumpp. together with his partner of that time.

You can find additional information on the electronic release Tilikarelia News number 1



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