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REIM Group Newsletter # 57 Eng

Published 21.03.2017 at 13:09 (edited 21.03.2017 kello 13:16)

Dear opinion leader and decision maker, 


the new REIM Group Newsletter #57 includes the following themes:


  • REIM Helsinki renovated its façade

  • Housing cooperative Asunto Oy Suvantola, a new customer of REIM Helsinki, is a valuable piece of Finnish history in the heart of Helsinki. An interesting plunge into the life and history of the over 110-year old property.

  • What do I pay for in a housing cooperative? REIM Porvoo's CEO Frank Wendelin answers the question.

  • Petri Sinisalo to be the superior of the real estate managers at Lahti

  • National Account and Tax Days 2017, the 50th time of success

  • Timo Multanen is the new blogger of the digital version of the Finnish Real Estate Journal Suomen Kiinteistölehti

  • The first REIM Group concern board meeting of 2017 in Mikkeli

We wish You a productive and a successful spring.


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