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REIM Group Newsletter # 56 Eng

Published 24.01.2017 at 11:28 (edited 24.01.2017 kello 11:28)

Dear opinion leader and decision maker,

the REIM Group Newsletter #56 is the first one of the centenary of Finlands independence in 2017. Significant, positive turns have taken place in our operations yet again, including:

·         REIM Jyväskylä Ltds operation grows as the businesses of Suomen Koti-isännöinti Ltd and Isännöintipalvelu Arto Pollari merged with REIM Jyväskylä at the turn of the year

·         In the Finnish capital, Isännöitsijäunioni had a makeover and has been REIM Helsinki Ltd since the turn of the year

·         A modern one-bedroom apartment is for lease in the city center of St. Petersburg, the metropolis of over five million inhabitants.


Other interesting articles can be found in the recent newsletter, including highlights of the Oulu housing cooperative event.

In the spirit of the Finnish centenary celebration, we wish that all of us, including You as the recipient of this message, have a fortunate and successful year.




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