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REIM Group Newsletter # 50 Eng

Published 14.04.2016 at 09:24 (edited 15.04.2016 kello 07:30)

Dear Recipient, Decisionmaker,

Our new digital REIM Group Newsletter #50 has been published in English, Finnish and Russian. The joint circulation of our Newsletter in all languages is circa 10 000 recipients. Most of this is, naturally, in Finland, another large part is distributed in Russia and the rest is distributed all over Europe, as well as different continents of our World.

This time the themes in our Newsletter are:

-          The result of REIM Group in 2015 was very good

-          CEOs of REIM Group in interviews

-          Timo Multanen was chosen as Chairperson of Lappeenrannan Kerho Oy

-          Kone Building and REIM Groups key personnel

-          Pirjo Karhu was chosen as Chairperson of Lappeenrannan Yrittäjänaiset ry

Best spring greetings,


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