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REIM Group Newsletter # 49 Eng

Published 17.02.2016 at 15:31 (edited 17.02.2016 kello 15:31)

The first REIM Group Newsletter in 2016 has been, once again, published in three different languages in Finnish, in English and in Russian. These three versions are distributed to over 10 000 decision and policy makers. You included.

The final result of year 2015 is being expected in REIM Group. The initial information is good.

The new Newsletter consists of the following themes among others:

-          The last column by Timo Multanen, Chairperson of the Concern Board of REIM Group, in his 10-year career as permanent columnist in The Finnish Real Estate Magazine

-          The new research by ITIF Information Technology & Innovation Foundation: The worlds most innovative countries Finland left the giants behind

-          Ari Viinikainen now leads the real estate managers work in REIM Jyväskylä

-          Expert and decision maker interview of CEO of The Finnish Real Estate Federation Harri Hiltunen


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