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REIM Group Newsletter # 47

Published 18.11.2015 at 08:25 (edited 18.11.2015 kello 08:25)

The newest REIM Group Newsletter #47 has been published and it can be opened by clicking the link below. It has stories on the following topics:

-          acquisition in Lappeenranta

-          Marko Hellevaara was chosen Chairperson of the Operative Board of REIM Group

-          Saija Toivonen was chosen as member in the board of The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation

-          National Real Estate Management Days in Turku

-          The 28th volume of Isännöintisanomat (Real Estate Management News) has been published over 370 000 copies!

-          Jari Vahviala got a caricature of him on the Clubs wall



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