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REIM Group Newsletter # 46

Published 23.09.2015 at 14:34 (edited 23.09.2015 kello 14:34)

Dear decision-maker and policymaker,

Summer has turned into autumn. We hope you have a wonderful and successful summer behind in your memories. Along with the arrival of autumn our new REIM Group Newsletter #46 has been published. You can read it by clicking the link below.

XXV Annual Personnel Days of REIM Group in Tampere on 29th August traditionally and officially ended the summer season in REIM. The year 2015s REIM Person was chosen in Tampere. His interview is included in the newsletter. Tilikarelia Oy in REIM Finance turned 40 years and had an honorary event to the companys founder, retired Pekka Multanen, who also was awarded with the Chamber of Commerce Plaque number 40. In Jyväskylä Ari Viinikainen went from being an entrepreneur to being an employee with interesting points of view. A series about new clients starts on the shore of Saimaa in Lappeenranta.

Best autumn regards,



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