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REIM Group Newsletter # 43

Published 30.04.2015 at 15:20 (edited 30.04.2015 kello 15:20)

Dear decision maker,

REIM is starting real estate business on 1st May 2015 in Jyväskylä, the growth center in Central Finland. This is happening due to a merger of real estate management business A Viinikainen Cc, a business with a glorious history of over 30 years, with REIM Jyväskylä which is starting now. Ari Viinikainen was named CEO of the new company. More information about this merger is available in our newest REIM Group Newsletter #43. In addition to the merger also introductions to Ari Viinikainen and the city of Jyväskylä are available.

Business counselor Pirjo Karhu was named member of the board of REIM Finance aka Tilikarelia, which operates in South Karelia. Pirjo Karhu has had a significant career in consultation and finance while having a life mission of growing her business Konsu into the most significant foreign business in its field in Russia. REIM Group Newsletter #43 tells about Pirjo Karhus thoughts about her being chosen into the board and thus joining REIM Group.

Real estate counselor Harri Seppä was named member of the board of REIM Lahti Ltd. The company is the largest in personnel and by revenue in the whole REIM Group. Harri Seppä also has his own introduction in an interview in REIM Group Newsletter #43.

In his interview Kari Metsäkallio, Member of the Concern Board of REIM Group, talks about how the productivity and development of the construction business has become stuck. Also this interview can be found in our new REIM Group Newsletter #43 along with Kari Metsäkallios background.

In the end of our newsletter REIM Groups cooperation partner Wine Saimaa OÜs CEO Tuomo Puhakainen tells about his wine hobby that has transformed into a job.

We recommend You to click on the link and read our newsletter.

Wishing you a happy May Day,


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