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Business counselor, President’s Honorary Title of Entrepreneurship, Pirjo Karhu

Published 30.04.2015 at 14:32 (edited 30.04.2015 kello 14:32)


Business counselor, Presidents Honorary Title of Entrepreneurship, Pirjo Karhu, CEO MBA. Business counselor Pirjo Karhu has a significant entrepreneur career. She grew a South Karelian bookkeeping company into a successful international business, which was a modern market leader in Russia. In 2010 the Russian Duma named her The Best Foreign Leader in the country. Karhu has also been effective in giving lectures and trainings, arranging seminars and helping several companies from abroad in opening businesses in Russia.

Pirjo Karhu has been Chairperson of Team Finland in South Karelia since 2014 and Chairperson of South Karelian Chamber of Commerce until this year, in addition to which she has had several other significant Chairperson terms and memberships of boards.



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