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REIM Group Newsletter # 41

Published 25.02.2015 at 13:39 (edited 25.02.2015 kello 13:39)

Dear recipient,


The new REIM Group Newsletter #41 has been published and you can start reading by clicking the link below. The new Newsletter consists of, among others, the following:

-          The Concern Board of REIM Group had its first meeting in 2015 and afterwards joined the meeting of REIM Groups Operative Board

-          Interviews of REIM Finances Arja Anunti and Erja Jurvanen-Savurinne

-          From the pen of the Chairperson of the Concern Board: National and international models of housing management

-          National Account and Tax Days in Finlandia Hall in Helsinki

-          Authorization of Housing Management ISA ry, 25th Annual ISA Days as a traditional Helsinki Stockholm Helsinki cruise

-          Wishes from CEO of REIM Group Saija Toivonen: Expectations from year 2014 are coming true and a lot of new winds in 2015


On the last page is an advertisement bulletin for Nestorinranta on the shore of Lake Saimaa in Lintusalo. We recommend the place.


With best sunny winter regards,


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