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REIM Group Newsletter # 40

Published 27.01.2015 at 09:23 (edited 27.01.2015 kello 09:23)

REIM Group started the year with an acquisition

REIM Group started year 2015 with an acquisition when REIM Kymi bought the business of Elimäen Tili- ja Kiinteistöpalvelu, consisting of over 250 financial clients and over 50 real estate management clients. REIM Kymi has now become the market leader in its hometown, Kouvola. The new REIM Group Newsletter #40, which is the first this year, tells, among others, about this acquisition.

There are also other big news in REIM Group Harri Seppä from Lahti has received the honor of being Real Estate Advisor from the President of Finland. Vice President of the board of REIM Oulu Oy, Aaro Paakkola has been a Real Estate Advisor since 2007.

REIM Groups professionals have accomplished new degrees in education both in Porvoo and in Tampere.

All these new issues will be told about in the new REIM Group Newsletter, which can be opened by clicking below.

There is also information about the REM feedback seminar which was held in Cologne, Germany, as well as about two other events that took place in Tampere.

Svoboda Groups, our cooperation partners services are on display on the last page of our newsletter. We recommend getting acquainted with them and we strongly recommend the companys services.

We also recommend you to look into www.statesindex.org and www.transparency.org/cpi2013/results, two interesting websites with statistics about different countries around the theme of stability and corruption.

Wishing you nice moments reading this,

REIM Group

REIM Real Estate Investment and Management


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