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REIM Group Newsletter # 36

Published 19.06.2014 at 10:16 (edited 19.06.2014 kello 10:16)

Dear Madam/Sir,

The new REIM Group Newsletter #36 is a special edition that tells You with many pictures about the 9th REIM Group St. Petersburg Badminton & Real Estate Seminar Invitational 2014 held in St. Petersburg, the 2nd largest metropolis of Russia with its over five million inhabitants. The event was, once again, very successful and unforgettable. The partakers and St. Petersburg, the city that was founded in 1703 and has since been a gem of architecture and history, made sure of it.

With best greetings for the beginning of summer vacation season in Finland and many other countries, we wish you a very best summer!


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