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REIM Group Newsletter # 35

Published 16.05.2014 at 08:44 (edited 16.05.2014 kello 08:44)

Dear recipient, decision maker,

Spring is turning into summer. We all expect the financial situation to improve in the right direction in Europe, USA, Asia and globally. At the same time we have been worried about different crises that we have been following for some time now.

The election of members of European Parliament are conducted in all 28 member countries of the European Union on 22nd to 25th May 2014 during which time each member country should arrange the election according to their own countrys national laws. A total of 751 members will be chosen to act in the European Parliament. EU citizens, remember to do your part in this election that is so important for all of us!

We in REIM Group have done and will be doing work. REIM Newsletter #35 tells a little about this and the topics are, among others, here:

-          Authorizing of the housing management offices (In Finland)

-          REIM Tampere hired a technical housing manager

-          EL-Express in the event Metal-Expo in Moscow

-          The Concern Board of REIM Group started the year 2014; a short introduction of the members of the Concern Board


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