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REIM Group Newsletter #29 has been published

Published 20.06.2013 at 14:39 (edited 20.06.2013 kello 14:39)

Dear desicion maker,

REIM Group Newsletter #29 has been published. This time is tells especially about the very successful event "8th REIM Group St. Petersburg Badminton & Real Estate Seminar Invitational 2013" on 22nd to 24th May  in St. Petersburg in words and pictures.

Enclosed is also the presentation by Colemont in a nutshell and also a few interesting real estate objects REIM Real Estate is selling.

REIM Group Newsletter 29 (ENG).pdf
REIM Group Newsletter 29 (RUS).pdf

We wish you the best summer and summer vacation season,

Timo Multanen
REIM Group President

Saija Toivonen
REIM Group
Managing Director

Jari Vahviala
REIM Group
Director of Marketing and Sales


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