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Real Estate Management is about cooperation and organizing things according to the needs of different users of the house.

A good housing management company has an important role in what the real estate looks like, what its condition is and also the fact how satisfied the residents and the users are.

A professional housing management company also acts in cooperation with the board and mentors the board of the housing company to make good decisions to benefit all the stakeholders.

Among others these are the tasks of a housing management company:
- Handling the bookkeeping
- Invoicing and following the substitutions
- Collecting the receivables
- Monitoring, among others, parking spaces and sauna turns
- Key controlling
- Arranging company and board meetings
- Automatic handling of minor reparations
- Monitoring big reparations
- Asking for propositions
- Monitoring the residing in the house and following the rules of conduct
- Informing, for example, during renovations
... and many other big or small things that are related to both residing and upkeeping ofthe condition of the house.

REIM Housing Management’s service pack includes these in addition to the services listed in the contract:
- Free guidance and training for the members of the board
- Client briefing about important current issues related to residing
- Client nights where current issues like renovations and law reforms are discussed
- Financial and consumption monitoring reports at least twice a year in the service REIM OMAKOTI
- Good cooperation network for property reparations

Thus housing management companies should not be compared only by the monthly costs.


REIM Group offers financial management services in Finland. The service packs are always customized by the needs of the client.

In REIM Group you get the services of knowing professionals educated in the field of financial management. Financial management includes these services, among others: bookkeeping, personal ledger, invoicing, calculation of salaries, payment transactions and taxation services.


Properties as investments have special features that differ from other investment forms.

REIM Group is currently managing both local and large Finnish objects. Ask for an offer and we will customize a service according to your needs.
At the moment we manage both business and special properties where our tasks are, in addition to the basic real estate management, getting tenants and handling all the tasks fluently.

Contact us and arrange a visit, we will tell you more.


Does your property have premises for rent?

Do not worry; we can handle the lease documents for these objects. REIM Group takes care of making the contracts, controlling the rents and possible collecting. The object can be a business property, an apartment, a housing company or a special property for rent.

The handling of these properties is in the confident and safe hands of REIM!