REIM Group

about us

REIM GROUP – The new age of housing management

REIM comes from words Real Estate Investment and Management. REIM Group was founded in year 1988, though the oldest company of the group was founded already in year 1966. Also many of the companies in the group have gone past their 25th anniversaries.

REIM Group has set a mission to be a renovator of the business creating customer needs and values.

The vision of our group of companies is to be:

– the most profitable group of companies
– a wanted employer
– the leader of markets in its operating cities
– the best in its customer satisfaction
– the personnel with high expertise and motivation
– using the fields’ best professionals as partners

REIM Group’s values are:

– the well-being and appreciation of the personnel
– every client contact’s importance
– rewarding the management and the personnel for good work and results
– competence and diligence
– profitability
– active public relations
– being an honest and a fair partner

Our strategy is:

– needs to housing management and governance of real estate of chosen client segments
– satisfying these with segment-productized additional value services
– working locally and taking growth centers in consideration coordinated and supported by the mother company, thus utilizing the best practices and the possibilities of new technology of using the good service chain and sufficient personnel

REIM Green is a good example of the environmental responsibility of REIM Group. In addition to REIM Green being clear economy with the efficient energy controlling, we develop and emphasize the environmental responsibilities and their concrete activity in our everyday life.

Reim Group is appropriate housing managing in the present taking the future into consideration.